Tracker Pro

A cloud based project time and
expense tracking system.

Tracker Pro is a cloud based project time and expense tracking system. It is easy to configure and use, giving you the perfect environment to keep track of project expenditure vs budget. Project dashboards make it easy to see how each project is performing. Access and edit Tracker Pro from anywhere with any device linked to the internet.

Tracker Pro is a user driven application so we encourage you to give us feedback for additional features or enhancements. Our aim is to develop the application to become a broader project tracking and collaboration tool for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

Tracker Pro Features

Current Features

  • Quick & Easy to use and configure
  • Cloud based – Access the app from anywhere
  • Mobile friendly – Can be used on any tablet
  • Track any time and cost per project
  • Create and manage project team members
  • Define project phases and track time and cost per phase
  • Project lifecycle state management
  • Project dashboard overview
  • CRM: Easily create & find Account and Contact details to keep track of contact information.
  • CRM: Separate Clients from Consultants and Contractors
  • Set cost categories
  • Set project budgets to measure overall performance and per phase
  • Profitability tracking with resource cost and income analysis
  • Generate reports
  • Export financial reports in Excel format
  • File upload mechanism
  • Drawing & document submission and tracking

Features to be added soon

  • Gant chart module
  • Project resource management & tracking
  • Task and comment management
  • Employee Timesheet view and submittal process management


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