Getting Started

Getting Started with Tracker Pro

Welcome to Tracker Pro. Before you start here are a few things to do before you create your first Tracker Pro project.

(1) CRM

Start by adding Companies and Contacts to your CRM

Any business needs clients to survive. Start by creating a few clients and contacts now. This is needed before you can create your first project because customer information is required at this point.

Take it a step further and create a few Consultants and Contractors as well. All parties involved in your projects can be assigned to the appropriate project so everyone on your team know who to contact and can find contact details fast.


(2) Tracker Pro Users

Once you are done with creating external users you should create a few internal company users. These are the people from your company who will be interacting with Tracker Pro and the projects you create.

User roles can be specified to fine-tune security and functionality. Users also needs to be assigned to a project so that the project becomes available to them.


(3) Tracking Categories

Categories can be setup and used to ensure information is tracked correctly and to also assist in generating informative reports.

(4) Project Phases

Set up your default or typical project phases which could be used each time a new project is created. When creating a project phase, a percentage is specified. This is the percentage of the overall project budget / fee that’s been allocated to the phase.
Project phases can be fine-tuned each time a project is created.
Phases are then enabled and disabled during the project’s timeline to ensure users track information to the correct phase.
Financial reports and performance graphs can then be filtered according the appropriate phase.



(5) Create a Project

Creating a project is easy. If you have followed steps 1 to 3 then you would be able to create a project without any issues.



That’s it!

You are now ready to create your first project and start entering information.

For any help or ideas about expanding on the functionality of this application, please email



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